Who is White Van Man?

Is it the guy who drives about a foot off your rear bumper. Is it the guy who dangerously overtakes you. Is it the guy who parks on double yellow lines. Is it the guy who gestures at you even though you have done nothing wrong. Is it the guy who ignores speed limits?

Well, yes there are drivers out there that are exactly like the man above, however as there are over 150,000 + delivery drivers on the road, you are bound to, excuse the pun, run into one sooner or later. One cannot condone the actions of these white van men but like in any group of people, there are always going to be a percentage that do not comply to the norm.

White Van Man is either a self-employed owner driver or he is employed and drives his firms van. The self-employed owner driver is perhaps more interested in fuel comsumpation rather than speed as he is accountable for his own operating costs. He also is more likely to be delivering individual sameday consignments to any where in the country. Companies like Yodel, DHL, Fedex use self-employed contractors for nextday deliveries, Multi-drop, where there could be in excess of a 100 drops a day. The employed white van man is more likely to be delivering his companies products to a set number of customers everyday.

Next time you are on the motorway and a white van speeds past you, the chances are that the driver is employed and has no concern over fuel useage. He just wants to get finished and get home. If however you overtake a white van it is more likely that the driver is self-employed and while he cannot finish for the day until he has completed his drop(s) he is always looking at the fuel gauge.

Sameday owner drivers also tend to be older than multi-drop drivers, possibly having wised up over the years after perhaps before being a multi-drop driver and working 60 hours a week. Now our older driver is happy to perhaps work less hours for slightly less money.

With the government now considering increasing the motorway speed limit to 80mph, will our driver get more drops delivered or get home any sooner?

Owner Drivers Limited and its sister site the Self-Employed Owner Drivers Association have not got all the answers but are prepared to champion the self-employed owner driver by securing discounts on motoring related services thus reducing their operating costs. While the employed driver has all the normal terms and conditions of being employed, the self-employed driver has none what so ever. Yes it is his choice to be self-employed and drive for a living. Owner Drivers Limited have contacted national delivery companies suggesting that they could do more for their sub-contractors or help them and promoting our company.

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