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POT HOLES - the state of the UK's roads and the damage caused


SUPERMAKET FUEL - thought all fuel was the same - think again

COURT RULING ON UBER - Uber drivers up in arms

BEST BREAKDOWN COVER - for commercial vans unless you know
different - let us know.

YOUR VEHICLE INSURANCE PREMIUM - how you can dramatically reduce your annual premium

PARKING CHARGE NOTICE - got a PCN then download our appeal letter

TRANSPORT FOR LONDON - the latest road closures around London
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The individual Self Employed Owner Driver by definition operates with only his/hers self motivation and enthusiasim in order to earn a decent living DESPITE all the UK legislations currently in force and those to come. It appears that the individual self employed owner driver is nothing but a 'cash cow' for all the services associated with the Courier Industry. WELL IT'S TIME TO FIGHT BACK! JOIN S.O.D.A. TODAY Join us and over 600 members already enjoying discounts on essential services, loads of hopefully helpful advice, emails with the latest happenings and events that effect the industry and the chance TO BE A PART of an association that gets thing done. We can and already have, negotiated discounts for our members, from some the UK 's leading industry suppliers and the MORE MEMBERS we have the more dicsounts we will be able to obtain thus saving you the individual, money! Drop rates, dead mileage , return loads and expections of the delivery companies in the amount of drops expected per day that they ask our individual to complete are increasingly issues that prevent our individual from earning a decent income. The Courier Industry is one of the last sectors of industry in the UK that is still to be regulated by the Government. There are in the Courier Industry so called 'Cowboys' that operate with scant regard to actually being registered as Self Employed and avoid paying any Tax or National Insurance contributions. Be warned the 'TAX MAN COMEITH'.Of course these drivers overheads are next to nothing and can quote for jobs at rock bottom prices thus undermining our registered owner drivers.